Exploring Summer Outdoors: Wildflowers in Massachusetts

massachusetts wildflower

Life at The Estates is grand and for the nature lover there is no better time to get out and explore than in the summer. There are many amazing wildflowers in Massachusetts and you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the color and beauty this season. Some of the common wildflowers you may see include: Indian Blanket - Sunning sunflower like blossom … [Read more...]

Low-Impact Cardio: Fitness at The Estates’ Pool

pool exercise

Do you feel like you could use some low impact cardio added to your workout routine? You get just that type of workout when you add pool exercises that burn fat to your fitness regimen. Maybe you didn't expect that to become one of your regular routines when you first looked into our Estates apartments with a pool and other amenities like fitness center … [Read more...]

Save Time With On-Site Dry Cleaning at The Estates

dry cleaning

Your time is valuable. Why would you spend it on a trip to the dry cleaners? At our luxury apartments at The Estates you won't have to worry about getting your favorite work suit pressed for an important job interview. You can strut your professional stuff in confidence with one of our community's most convenient amenities: on-site dry cleaning … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of Our Community Grills This Summer


One of the advantages of living in our Hull apartments is having ready access to community grills. Living in an apartment doesn't have to mean that grilling outside and other popular summer pursuits are off-limits. Instead, you'll experience them in new ways, especially in ways that allow you to share with your neighbors. The community grills make it … [Read more...]

3 Basic Sun Safety Tips for Afternoons at the Community Pool

sunglasses two

For many of us, life should be exactly the way summertime is. Let’s admit it…There is nothing better than those summer evenings, when you feel completely relaxed, while enjoying the sun with your refreshing drink near the Hull apartments' pool at The Estates. We all enjoy so much swimming and sunbathing, that we often tend to forget that sun can be … [Read more...]

Maximize Closet Space With a Few Easy Storage Tricks

closet hangers

There is nothing better than having a large closet in your luxury apartment in Hull at The Estates but that space isn’t all that great if you can’t keep it organized and maximize the space potential. A cluttered closet will mean you have issues with even getting into the closet let alone keeping it organized. Maximize the closet space in your apartment … [Read more...]

Treat Yourself Well at Salon Seven Hair and Massage

hair salon

When looking for hair salons near Hull, Salon Seven Hair and Massage is a short five-mile drive from your Estates luxury apartment. Whether you need a weekly pick-me-up or a total makeover, Salon Seven has everything you need in a short distance from home. Sometimes a long day at work makes your back tense up and sometimes you feel pain in your back that … [Read more...]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Wicked Good Cupcakes

wicked good cupcakes

Let's face it--we all have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied every once in a while. If you're looking around The Estates for enjoyable bakeries in Hull, look no further than Wicked Good Cupcakes, a local business conveniently located just less than two miles away. Wicked Good Cupcakes started off as a time for mother-daughter bonding, but as … [Read more...]

Full Sized Washer and Dryer Included at Our Hull Apartments

washing machine

Your kids spilled ketchup on their outfits. You spilled wine in bed. You've made messes. We all have. That's why we made it a priority to include washing machines and dryers in our apartments at The Estates. After a long day, you don't need to go to a laundromat and furthermore, you don't want to. It may be difficult to find Hull apartments with a washer … [Read more...]

Host a Get Together at the Community BBQ Areas


Making your home the perfect fit for you is what we strive to do The Estates, proven to be the best Hull apartments. Whether it's decorating, cooking or adding some life to your home, you can make your home experience go the distance with a few basic steps. Our amenities offer solutions to issues of entertainment, relaxation and fitness and are in place for … [Read more...]